Who We Are

Creation. Collaboration. Inspiration.

We assist artists in living their ultimate professional and personal lives

We do that in two parallel lines:

Optimization of your creative processes through professional accompaniment and coaching. 
Optimization of your daily life to support you in what you do professionally. 

We create systems projects
and programs That support artists in:

  • Creating focused, transformational creative processes
  • Elevating their creative life to higher levels of fulfillment and inspiration.
  • Keeping their life aligned with their mission
  • Developing practices and routines that reduce stress and support peak performance and grit

A brief history

ON Contemporary Circus Creation Center was founded in 2008 by Orit Nevo. It served many artists from the Israeli circus and culture community as well as hosting artists and companies from around the world.

The ON Company was created and worked here for 10 years 2010 – 2020, touring Israel and the world. Throughout the years ON center hosted many professional workshops and Orit accompanied many artists, companies and creators, thus providing fertile ground for the growth of new art and culture.

As a next step we are adding the living units for artists who wish to come here and create in peace for longer periods of time.

A whole new ONline presence is being developed in parallel to the residency space, being built.

We always believed in the power of community – creating and cultivating a space for relationships, exchanges and new connections.

Empowering artists and building bridges between Israel and the world

Meet the team


"The big mama" who manages the project and directs us all, making sure no detail is forgotten. Without her we would have surely already been lost in translation…


The first time he came here he said: " It feels like I just visited Alice in wonderland" . In charge of construction and elaborate ideas, just like the fundraising campaign that got us to where we are now, he never ceases to amaze us with new ones…


Chief designer and master builder! He is our superman! Accurate and always focusing on the smallest of details, Amir's ideas take shape and form with and through his hands and mindful attention.


The visionary...Heart, mind and soul of the ON creation space, she opened her home and gave us a legacy to share with the world.

What we believe in

1. We believe in creation, this marvelous human capacity to create something from nothing and combinations of ideas and creations that hold in them new directions for growth.

2. We believe in culture and art that touch on the multifaceted, complex human experience.

3. We believe in art that has something to say, even if it may be inconvenient at times, an art that searches for the artist’s inner truth as well as that of the audience he or she serves. An art that propels humanity forward as an inseparable part of human evolution.

4. We believe in the unquenchable importance of the existence and continuity of art and culture, and the key role they play in human evolution.

5. We believe in giving ourselves whole heartedly to the creative processes we lead. We believe in going out of our comfort zone, in ongoing continuous learning of new techniques and teachings, that bring us to new levels of artistic and creative expression.

6. We believe uncompromisingly in the tremendous importance of research as a fundamental part of artistic creative processes.

7. We believe in openness, transparency and exchanging processes and knowledge between artists, and between artists and audiences.

8. We believe that being a creative artist is a life choice. A choice we need to fully understand and grasp what it demands of us, leaning towards it full out, in order to sustain it for the long haul.

9. We believe that any creator has a place, that if one chooses creation and art as a way of life and a profession, it is not an easy choice. We believe commitment to this way and daily, constant practice are a vital, fundamental part of its implication.

10. We believe in long term deep relationships between artists who share creative processes with each other.

11. We believe in long term deep relationships with the audience experiencing our creative work.

12. We believe that creation is a transformative process in its essence and we are ready to change with our processes.

What we are working for

A global community of creative movement artists,
Living at their highest potential, creating art that matters and makes a difference.