What to expect from the ONline lab for creators?

A couple of thoughts to begin with:

The following is the basic outline for the lab sessions, session by session. Nevertheless, since this is a lab – it can change with new participants bringing in new and diverse challenges to our mutual working space. So this outline is not carved in stone, you have the power to change and influence it. 

I make a point of all live programs being with most attention to your challenges and needs this year. Times have been strange and many things change for us all. I believe we will create the best future together. 

A lab – in its essence is a co-creative experience where we all share our knowledge, experience, tools and intentions to leverage the results we can accomplish. That said, here is the basic structure from which we will evolve together.

First 2 Sessions Are An Opening To Others, New Concepts And Team Working Habits. You Open Up To Share Yourself And The Work You Are Doing With The Group.

Session 1:

  • First session where we will meet and introduce ourselves and what we bring to the lab/working space. 
  • We will discuss creation in general, as a mindset, explore what happens in our brains when we create. Explore our personal “Why” for choosing the creative path.
  • And leave with homework for the week ahead.  

Session 2:

  • Will go deeper into your creations, we will examine at what stage you are on the creative roadmap and what are the challenges you may be facing.
  • We will work in a real lab format of “All for one and one for all”  concerning anything you may need assistance or support with. Looking at problems but orienting and focusing more on solutions.
  • We will examine our concepts of what a team is and open them up in new directions you may not have thought of before. 
  • We will practice the “team” concepts that will guide our work in the lab and possibly for you in your life from now on. For the benefit of forward movement and development.
  • We will end this session with practical individual homework assignments.
  • Divide the group into accountability buddies to whom each of you will report on your progress from now on.
  • The next week will be an action week – so come prepared and ready to take action.
From Now On We Will Work On Structuring And Planning Your Months Ahead

Session 3:

  • In this session we will start doing some planning 
  • The question will be raised as to where you stand now in relation to how you started the lab? What has opened up for you so far? What progress have you made that did not seem possible at the start?
  • We will look at what else you need to complete your creative process for the project you’re working on.
  • It’s a session of planning, prioritisation and time management, we will have a guest expert on the subject.
  • Homework will be done with the assistance of your buddies and will consist of building your timeline for the completion of the work

This session may take more time – possibly up to 2 hours.

Session 4 final session:

  • Presentation of your timeline and action plan for the completion of your project
  • We will also be looking at what the future holds in store
  • Discuss your deadlines and dates for a possible premiere and any support you may need from the team for that big moment
  • We will have a short talk about Marketing and what is may require
  • We will look at options to continue from here – together or separately or simply ways to stay in touch with other lab graduates like you by the end of that session.
  • This is also where I ask you to give me feedback which as you can guess, is invaluable for us to be able to better serve future lab participants.

In closing:

The lab is a cool, creative, fascinating, inspiring and empowering space to share and move your work forward. In graduating from the lab you become part of an amazing community that keeps on meeting either privately or in group meetings once a month on the last Wednesday of each month.

Places are limited to 10 creators at a time in order to better be able to really get into this intensive process with everyone. 

For your attention: The lab demands a month of dedication to your work and the other lab members. Come prepared!