ON - Residency Space

Welcome to our sacred space for creation

We Are Looking Forward to Your Arrival

The Kitchen and living room
The kitchen and living room
Our Community

The ON Sacred Space

The ON creation space is situated in a private garden with chickens, a dog and friendly neighbors around.

The space includes a closed studio where Yoga, Martial arts, and other classes and workshops take place daily.
The studio is at your disposal during most of the week.

Rehearsals are scheduled in coordination with other residents and activities taking place with a weekly schedule at everyone’s disposal. Artists in residence may participate in the weekly classes, with payment directly to the teachers.


All the garden and inhabitants, students, teachers and artists in residence, live together in harmony, with the utmost respect for each other’s work and time invested in our sacred space for creation.

We respect our neighbors’ peace and privacy.
Mindfulness to the human and natural ecology is key for anyone wishing to apply for a residency at the ON creation space.

View from the tree house
View from the tree house
A Sacred Space for Creation the Artist Residency Garden

The residency space is waiting for your visit!

The studio
View from the tree house
The Caravan
Inside the caravan
Inside the tree house
The kitchen

Are you planning a creation? Need a space and time to think, write, rehearse, present your new work? 

This space can be yours too. In fact, it may be you it’s waiting for. Don’t be shy, apply for a residency here, below. 

Or contact us for any further inquiry.

How to apply for a residency

In order to best accommodate your needs for a potential residency,  a process of application is in place.  It will give us the information necessary to assess if and how we can best serve you during a potential residency here in Israel. 

Feel free to contact us for any inquiry.

Time frames recommended for various residency types: 

* Writing residency – 3 days to 3 weeks 

* Research residency – 1 week to 3 months 

* Full rehearsal residency – 1 week to 3  months

Residencies for longer than 3 months require additional visa application on your behalf

A space of inspiration, empowerment and collaboration, Read what our clients say!

“The decision to go for it… To bring a performance I wrote in a long long process to fruition… To take the first step and feel the acts, it’s scenes from the inside – moving, alive…that’s not a simple thing.”


“The decision to go for it…To bring a performance I wrote in a long long process to fruition…To take the first step and feel the acts, it’s scenes from the inside – moving, alive…that’s not a simple thing.
“Starting to work takes a deep breath…
It also demands a space to work in and a close support team to share the process with. This is what I got at The ON Creation Space, big time. During my residency there, in that amazing space, where I could use the the studio and outdoor stage and dive into moments that until then were only written words and old faded images in my imagination. Discovering new sensations and ideas that one can see only from here. Through the Creation Lab meetings, in which I and other creators could share our process with wins and challenges on a weekly and even daily basis, as well as give and get advice and feedback.
Both these platforms gave me a huge jumping board to the real first phase of my creation…”