The Pro Performers Training Program

For artists/performers whose body is their instrument

Finally! An ongoing performers’ training for professionals

A first of its kind mindset training.

The perfect plan if

  • You’re fresh out of a professional school, looking for the next steps on your artistic journey
  • If you didn’t make it to a professional school, no worries, you can still become a pro
  • Pro- is first and foremost a mindset, it’s  a choice you make and then live by

A 3 months comprehensive life training

For an extremely affordable price starting as low as $69/mo!

No matter where you are on your artistic journey, keeping your mind and body aligned is a first priority. This program will assist you in keeping that balance going forward. 

If you want to be the best at what you do, no matter what, this program is for you. All you have to do is to show up for one hour a week. That’s all it takes.

Why an Ongoing Performer Training program?

Being a performer means working with your body, mind, soul, and spirit. Keeping it all together is a life mission. This is your instrument, keeping it tuned is of the essence. 

Unfortunately, no one really teaches you how to do this. Most schools don’t teach you what you’ll learn in this program. When you’re young you’re naturally strong and your mind is on other things than the long haul of your performing life journey.

In our everyday lives, we deal with many irregularities. We rehearse, we tour, we change time zones frequently, our sleep is irregular… our nutrition varies… We stress over unknowns and balance is a constant challenge. 

This training is designed to solve these problems. This is not like any other training you’ve been to. It doesn’t demand hard work, sweat or  hours  in the studio. All you need to do is show up for one hour a week.

Who is the Contemporary Performer
Training For?

Circus artists, dancers, movement theatre and other practitioners of movement expression on stage – this is for you! 

People who cherish their personal and professional lives and wish to keep a healthy balance between the two.

Here's what professionals who worked with Orit have to say about the experience:

"Orit brings extensive knowledge in circus and movement and knows how to pass it on in her creative, professional and accurate way."

"From the first meetings in the studio with Orit, I understood she was much more than a director, a circus artist or performer. She is a mentor for me. She taught me the whole basis for my work, she brings circus foundations in levels I did not know before.
Orit gave me inspiration and knowledge in our work. It was a challenge for me to stop and work slowly without passing from one thing to the other, Orit taught me to breathe, to focus on subtle nuances and embed consciousness and awareness in the body during the process. Now I can stand on stage and simply breath, without her, this would not have been possible. I highly recommend Orit to any artist who needs guidance, I think there is no one more professional than her."

Ayala Eshkoli

Circus artist

Photo by Keneth Kao

"Orit's sensitivity to become the person needed for each different process, is only possible due to her rich background of performing, directing, curating and producing, for so many years and her special and warm character."

"In the last few years, I have been in a continuous artistic dialogue with Orit and her “sacred space for creation”.
She has accommodated three of my recent performance creations and the support she provided has been fundamental. Orit's contribution is so impactful...The guidance and support she offers, always in an adaptable way and differently to each creation is of enormous value.

The interaction with meditation and concepts from Zen Buddhism is always present in the way that things are being handled and the atmosphere in the working space.

I highly recommend for artists from any discipline to take any opportunity to collaborate with Orit, the work and her creative space."

Tom Weksler

Co-Artistic Director at 'Wonderground Company' Founder of 'Movement Archery'

Photo: Yohanne Lamoulère

"I recognised in Orit a quality artist, a real author in dramaturgy of circus arts, an experienced director and a project leader that knows to surround herself with the best professionals".

"From our first meeting I was enthusiastic about the idea of a collaboration. That artistic encounter, for the creation of “Somewhere & nowhere”, gave me a lot, and will remain one of the most important encounters in my career… Orit’s ability to listen and be in dialogue is unanimously recognized in our sector on an international level.
It is important for the development of contemporary circus in Israel, that Orit will put her experience, her competencies and her motivation at the service of future projects relating to the profession in her country."

Guy Carrara

Co artistic director of Archaos company, BIAC -Biennale Internationale des arts du cirque Creac de Marseille and Pôle National des Arts du Cirque Méditerranée

What is this Unique performing Artists Training Program?

This training program is unique. It’s not the usual training where you have to sweat 🙂 I do the heavy lifting for you! All you need to do is show up to our weekly Zoom meetings, with a group of artists like you, from all around the world. A special artistic community geared at creating the best space, support and framework for you to realize your professional and personal goals.

The zoom meetings include two parts each:

  1. A short module at the beginning of every meeting on a theme, which I curate and prepare in advance, based on your requests. The themes may vary and change according to your interests. You’re invited to raise the most burning challenges you face.
  2.  The second part of each meeting is a group coaching session or Q & A about the theme, aimed at finding with you and for you the solutions you need.

How Does The Professional Performer Training Work?

This is an ongoing program for 3 months,  from 12th January 2022 – 13th April 2022. 

  • One hour a week is all that’s required
  • The sessions are live and recorded
  • We stay connected in a dedicated facebook group
  • If you can’t make it to a session – you get the recording and can listen in your own time
  • We work on challenges and questions you raise. The program is tailored for your most urgent needs
  • If you have a question you want answered and you can’t make it to the session, just ask it in the FB group or by email, and it will be answered for you. The group is there for you even if you can’t make it to the call!
  • Themes for the following month are requested in advance and I curate the modules per your requests
  • At the end of each month – we provide one another with feedback, so as to improve the quality of our next month’s work together
Planning the road ahead
pro training program
Train wherever you are

First session:
July-September 2021

This is a 300$ worth Training, to which you can register in advance, for only $147


Subscribe for 3 monthly payments of $69.

The Benefits

  • An increased sense of well being and empowerment
  • A new balance of work and personal life, a foundation for your artistic and life journey
  • Trust in your path and the clear sensation of fulfillment it brings
  • A community to belong to. A unique group of artists sharing the love of creation, performance and dedication to a professional path
  • The confidence of knowing you are supported every step of the way
  • Increased health that sustains your work and provides the energy you need for anything life may bring

Why sign up now?

The ultimate life transforming benefits come from committing to the whole program of 3 months, here’s why:

  • If you’re on tour  – this program will assist you in staying centered, focused and empowered in a constantly changing setup.
  • It’s the perfect way to keep your life in alignment while on the road
  • If you’re in creative residencies – this program will provide a support group and a safe space to share challenges and find optimal solutions together.
  • If you’re doing both – this is the perfect time to work on the balance between the creative, performative minds.
  • If you’re still locked down, we’ve all been there, you will not be alone or isolated.
  • It will assist you in finding the balance and trust you need to keep going at your best, while not losing sight of personal and family needs
  • This is a one time – new year price, for this session only, future sessions will cost more

The next session starts on Wednesday the 12th of January 2022, Live Zoom sessions are at 2 PM GMT. The program ends on the 13th of April 2022.

If you’re all set to join, here is where you can sign up!

Price and Registration

New year's session:
January-April 2022

This is a 300$ worth Training, to which you can register in advance, for only 147$


Subscribe for 3 monthly payments of 69$ each.

Pay the full price in advance and get a 30% reduction!

What You Get

An ongoing program for 3 months,  from 12th January 2022 – 13th April 2022. 

  • 4 Zoom meetings including 4 modules and group coaching sessions in each call, a total of 12 Zoom sessions throughout the program.
  • A community of performers, like you, to work through challenges we all share and find solutions that can change your life
  • The possibility to contribute to a community you belong to.
  • An experienced coach at your service
  • A support group
  • A safe environment to ask questions that really matter to you
  • Share answers that change the way you see and live your life

Hi, I'm Orit 🙂

The pro-performers coach. I have a 30 years track record in performing, directing, and accompanying artists and creative processes, ranging from dance to movement theater to circus arts and beyond.  
25 years of practical performance experience, as a physical performer on the ground and in the air (corporeal mime and dance including Butoh) and trapeze, gave me a thorough feeling and understanding of the artists I work with and the challenges we all face.
I have been creating with many collaborators around the world since the beginning of the 1990s and have been touring with my own company since 2010.
During those years I acquired an extensive experience in teamwork and co-creation. Writing for ONline and for the stage, cutting edge projects combining performance, visual arts, music, texts and video creations.
Creative living is one of my core values together with compassion and freedom. These values reflect in my professional work with artists from various fields, on various levels and in many ways,  in the studio, on stage or ONline.
There’s absolutely nothing that delights me more than “meeting in the work”, as I love calling it!
So why not consider signing up for this amazing new adventure together?
The Pro Performers Training Program is an amazing opportunity to get to know each other on a deep, creative level, during 3 consecutive months of weekly meetings. It costs very little – for this time only, so, click “Sign Up” and let’s get this show on the road, it can be life changing, for all of us!