Creation. Collaboration. Inspiration.
Work with Individual artists one ON one

Tom Weksler

Co-Artistic Director at ‘Wonderground Company’ Founder of ‘Movement Archery’

“In the last few years, I have been in a continuous artistic dialogue with Orit and her “sacred space for creation”.
She has accommodated three of my recent performance creations and the support she provided has been fundamental. Orit’s contribution is so impactful.
From the physical space she provides with complete trust and support,
not something to be taken for granted, considering that the space is so close to her home and heart.

To the guidance and support she offers, always in an adaptable way and differently to each creation. Sometimes as an external eye, sometimes giving assistance with dramaturgy and direction, sometimes technical support and sometimes just comes to see the final outcome and congratulate.

This sensitivity to become the person, human which is needed for each different process, is only possible due to her rich background of performing, producing, curating and directing for many years and her special and warm character.

The interaction with meditation and concepts from Zen Buddhism is always present in the way that things are being handled and the atmosphere in the working space. Those tools are very valuable and provide an additional perspective which complements perfectly the artistic work.

I highly recommend for artists from any discipline to take any opportunity to collaborate with Orit, the work and her creative space.”

Ayala Eshkoli

Juggler, circus artist

From the first meetings in the studio with Orit, I understood she was much more than a director, a circus artist or performer. She is a mentor for me. She taught me the whole basis for my work, she brings circus foundations in levels I did not know before.
She brings extensive knowledge in circus and movement and knows how to pass them on in her creative, professional and accurate way. Orit gave me inspiration and knowledge in our work. It was a challenge for me to stop and work slowly without passing from one thing to the other, Orit taught me to breathe, to focus on subtle nuances and embed consciousness and awareness in the body during the process. Now I can stand on stage and simply breath, without her, this would not have been possible. I highly recommend Orit to any artist who needs guidance, I think there is no one more professional than her.”

Yael Miryam Halfon

Circus, dancer and multidisciplinary artists (one ON one – full process and show direction)

“With her big heart and endless enthusiasm Orit led us (the company artists) into ourselves. As the director, she gave us a lot of freedom. During rehearsals, I felt I wanted to create a show of my own. I had a vision I shared with Orit. I wanted to collaborate with her again, so she would draw me into the depths and kind of expression I was aspiring for. A few months later – we started working together on this show I was dreaming about. Orit led me observantly deeply into the work and myself, with patience, deep conversations, questions and a lot of attention that helped that creation come to life.

I was exposed to Orit’s vast knowledge in so many domains which brought so much to the work itself. In the end what was most significant for me, is Orit’s connection to her own truth, as a person and artist, and her ability to connect who works with her to his or her own truth as well.
Her ability to totally accept the person in front of her, enabled me to ask what was right, who I am and what I want to offer.
Thank you for this journey together, for me you are a friend in my heart, way beyond an accompanying professional.”

Zohar Baron

Circus artist

“It was interesting, informative and nice for me to work with you. Immediately I felt an open, safe space connecting us. It was good to talk with you, analyse together my feelings and sensations inspiring the act, to dissect and reconstruct it, in a more accurate and tight way. Work was done in an accurate and orderly manner, I felt each session gave me new and exciting things to think about and create between our meetings. I felt you helped me focus or open up to new directions, If needed. Beyond the technical and artistic assistance you gave me during the research, selection and final composition of the act, you helped me a lot in two other things: You shared with me a lot of knowledge and your personal opinions that helped me get to more informed decisions of my own and you calmed me down. By the very fact you are such an experienced person, and the way in which you shared this experience, generously and from a clear wish to help, some of the burden of worry was lifted from me and I felt confident in the process. Thank you so much for all the help and support.”

Nimrod Farchi

Circus artist

“Thank you so much!
I received and learned from you, a whole world.
Mostly during coaching and the space you create around you,
but also in the very encounter with you. It was so meaningful and growing for me in many different levels. I feel something very strong has remained in me, like a kind of “Orit”, as if living inside of me, who I can feel, consult and ask questions, from whom I get the power to move forward.” – Photo by Daniel Shira

Michal Svironi

Interdisciplinary artist and performer (One ON one)

“I know Orit since 20 years, we’ve worked on various projects together.
What is so special about her as a director or exterior eye an is so important is the fact that she first of all listens and observes who you are. Without ego, without prejudices or prior ideas, which enables freedom and authentic creation, as close as possible to you in that very moment.
Her aspiration for a constantly renovating and evolution in circus as a contemporary art is in itself quite impressive in the local scenery. Always coming from love and surrounds by it.
Her sacred space for creation is pure joy in and of itself…”

Michal Oren Arazi

Dancer and aerial teacher (One ON one)

Our coaching sessions organized the many creative ideas I had for this performance.
You helped me work with calm from week to week, until the performance itself, which was an extremely moving experience to the artists and audience, as well as colleagues and friends.
Very quickly challenges turned into exciting opportunities to grow and enjoy every step… I got powers I didn’t have to proceed and overcome hurdles on the way, turning them into personal successes in my work. This work with you, has been a jumping board to the next level. Again and again you gave me the right thing at the right time.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

ONline lab graduates

Lianne Silberman

Photographer (ONline lab for creators)

“I participated in the December 2020 ONline lab for creators. A photographer among performing artists… I wanted to work on a book. I’ve never worked on a book before…
Orit was uncompromising, she asked me to create a deadline for the project, reluctantly I agreed for March of next year. Then the lab ended.
On the 12th of March I finished writing a grant request for that project, complete with the concept and all. Extremely proud of myself, I called Orit to tell her I did it! I met my deadline. The feeling was great! I don’t think I would ever do this without the ONline lab and the push and inspiration it gave me and this project.”

Avital Nahmani

Circus artists (ONline lab for creators)

“I thoroughly enjoyed the lab and even got to write, direct and produce a children’s show for the last Hanuka holiday.
It was an open air performance combining live music, aerial and fire, a singer, a musician, a soundman and myself.
We performed in house yards in front of the sea and our decor was the sunset. Two rounds, 20 people each, according to regulations.
It was marvelous! It was like a breath of air for us and for the audience. The kids and adults went out with shining eyes.
I thank you for the inspiration and the accompaniment, I believe it was influential in moving me forward.”
Blessings, Avitaluna

Work with larger companies - directing commissions

Inbalance company

Acrobatics & Hand 2 hand (writing, directing, staging – collective work with 6 people)

“Dear Orit,

We changed so much with you. We got united, we improved, we got closer, and we became a company. In a period when you went through many ordeals, you kept on giving everything you have with commitment and a smile.
Thank you for the devotion and the will to connect, consider and work in full collaboration. “

Keren Elnekave

Fly-y circus (writing, directing, coaching)

Yaniv Swissa

Fly-y circus (writing, directing, coaching)

“Orit, you are a marvelous person… As you always speak about creating the reality you choose, we want to say you did it for us too. We are grateful, full of appreciation and recognition from all our hearts. We hope to collaborate more in the future. With love, from all of us, who you accompany in their personal and professional lives.”

Professional festival directors
about Orit’s work

Guy Carrara

Co artistic director of Archaos company, BIAC -Biennale Internationale des arts du cirque Creac de Marseille and Pôle National des Arts du Cirque Méditerranée (Professional recommendation)

“From our first meeting I was enthusiastic about the idea of a collaboration. I recognised in Orit’s person a quality artist, a real author in dramaturgy of circus arts, an experienced director and a project leader that knows to surround herself with the best professionals. That artistic encounter, for the creation of “Somewhere & nowhere”, gave me a lot, and will remain one of the most important encounters in my career… Orit’s ability to listen and be in dialogue is unanimously recognized in our sector on an international level.
It is important for the development of contemporary circus in Israel, that Orit will put her experience, her competencies and her motivation at the service of future projects relating to the profession in her country.” – Photo: Yohanne Lamoulère

Marc Fouilland

Director of CIRCa (2013)

“I have known Orit Nevo since more than a decade and had quite a few occasions to host her shows at the CIRCA festival. One of the main contemporary circus festivals in France. I could thus appreciate her singular artistic work and her opening to the world. Orit never ceased to research artistically, in her own writing, but also for the structuring of a strong “Israeli Circus”, that would know how to renovate this new artistic language of contemporary circus in her country.
With her initiatives and presence during professional international meetings, she demonstrated her ability to question the way and create a network to enlarge the artistic working scope around her…
Opening a space in a period of crisis is a testimony to resilience… This project will place Israel in the dynamic, still in birth, of countries that believe in renovating the circus today, as an art with a universal language, at the crossroads of new writings and audiences.”