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Only 2 available spots for 2022, 

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Imagine 30 years of creation and performance experience at your service, when we work together, this is what you get, and:

* An unwavering commitment to your success

* A real partnership, you may have never experienced before

* A close collaboration at a personal level on your creative, professional and personal goals

* Hands on tools and tips to make your personal life work perfectly with your professional commitments

and much more – all this is custom tailored to your needs and requests

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The Pro Performers Training Program

For Contemporary Circus Artists who care about their high performance

Finally! An ongoing performers’ training for professionals.

A first of it’s kind ongoing group training

The perfect plan for contemporary circus creators and performers who care about tuning their body, mind, soul, and spirit to be the best at what they do!

The ONline Creation Lab

The ONline lab for creators is a four weeks intensive program for artists in the process of creation. A way to jumpstart your process, with a team of like-minded people. 

It’s a chance to work with Orit live in 4 weekly Zoom sessions, while most of your work is done in between at a writing table or in the studio.

This is a lab, the way it works is: “all for one and one for all”,

Orit and all participants commit to each others’ process and we work as a team to deal with any challenges you may have facing you now, or further along on the way.

Places are limited to 10 participants at a time and we keep it intimate, on purpose, so we can share materials between us and give valuable feedback.

If you need clarity, a work plan, a team to support you and be there for you, share challenges, find solutions together and progress like you never imagined was possible, this lab is for you!

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 Next Lab is in February 2022

We meet weekly on Tuesdays at 14:00 GMT.

ONLine creation lab waiting list

Next available lab is in February 2022, sign up now to get your invitation to join and do the warm up

The physical residency space is at your service

Places are limited and applications are open for 2022 

A space of inspiration, empowerment and collaboration, Read what our clients say!

“The decision to go for it… To bring a performance I wrote in a long long process to fruition… To take the first step and feel the acts, it’s scenes from the inside – moving, alive…that’s not a simple thing.”


“The decision to go for it…To bring a performance I wrote in a long long process to fruition…To take the first step and feel the acts, it’s scenes from the inside – moving, alive…that’s not a simple thing.
“Starting to work takes a deep breath…
It also demands a space to work in and a close support team to share the process with. This is what I got at The ON Creation Space, big time. During my residency there, in that amazing space, where I could use the the studio and outdoor stage and dive into moments that until then were only written words and old faded images in my imagination. Discovering new sensations and ideas that one can see only from here. Through the Creation Lab meetings, in which I and other creators could share our process with wins and challenges on a weekly and even daily basis, as well as give and get advice and feedback.
Both these platforms gave me a huge jumping board to the real first phase of my creation…”