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For Contemporary Circus artists

On Creation Space offers a four-week residency program for artists who want to kickstart their new project. On Creation Space | A Sacred Space for Creation | Artist Residency

Living a life of creation and art is why we get up in the morning

Pursuing this dream can be rough and exhausting, sometimes it seems like we’re all alone on this path, without a compass to guide us through the challenges this choice implies.

The past 2 years have greatly influenced our work.
Social distancing caused alienation and broke the reassuring sense of belonging to a community.

In our world, sharing ideas, brainstorming and getting inspired from each other, is an important part of the journey.

This is where the lab comes in

– The ONline lab for contemporary circus creators is a four weeks intensive program for artists in the process of creation. A way to jumpstart a process, or deal with any hurdles on the way.

– It’s a chance to work with Orit live in 4 weekly Zoom sessions, while most of your work is done in between in the studio, with your team and with other participants.

– This is a lab, the way it works is :”all for one and one for all”, Orit and all participants commit to each others’ process and we work as a team to deal with any challenges you may have facing you now, or further along on the way to the premiere.

– Places are limited to 10 at a time. We keep it intimate, on purpose, so we can share materials between us and give valuable feedback.

– If you need clarity, a work plan, a team to support you and be there for you, share challenges, find solutions together and progress like you never imagined was possible, the ONline lab for contemporary circus creators,  is for you! 

On Creation Space offers a four-week residency program for artists who want to kickstart their new project. On Creation Space | A Sacred Space for Creation | Artist Residency

The ONline creation Lab

4 weeks to jumpstart your creation!

Tuesdays, February 2022

IST – 17:00 – 19:00 / CET -16:00 – 18:00 / EST – 10:00 – 12:00 / PST – 7:00 – 9:00

Work like a pro

Overcome procrastination doubts or fears

Get life tools

Create a clear plan for your next steps

Connect with artists like you

Make new friends in art and creation

Practice team work

4 weeks of practice with a unique creative team


Get immediate positive and creative feedback

4 weeks, 4 zoom meetings, most of the work is done in between!

But the lab is much more than just that, it's a very full month of inspiring and inspired creation. IT demands dedication to your work and the other lab members,

Sign up only if you are available to do the work.

Tuesdays, February 2022

1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd


What you get

Why Join?

  • If you’re a young artist fresh out of professional school lost in the professional jungle
  • If you skipped the  school and are still looking for a space to grow as an artist 
  • If you’re an experienced creator and are stuck in your process

          The Lab is for you!

          It gives you a framework, a space to push yourself and your work forward

  • A space to meet other artists and share your knowledge, skills, work 
  • Put yourself out there, in a safe and empowering environment where your work gets positive, creative feedback, and your process kicks off to hieghts you could never imagine before 

Work directly with Orit
for a whole month for the price of only one private coaching session!

Your investment

175$/ 560IL/ 145€ early bird price (until the 20th of January)
Normal price - 225$/ 725IL/ 197€
grab your spot now!

A unique mastermind group
limited to 10 participants
Don't miss out

Hi, I’m Orit 🙂

The creator’s coach, with 30 years track record in performing, directing and accompanying artists and creative processes, ranging from dance to movement theater to circus arts and beyond.  
25 years of practical performance experience, as a physical performer on the ground (corporeal mime and dance including Butoh) and trapeze in the air, give me a thorough feel and understanding of artists I work with and the challenges you face.
I have been creating with many collaborators around the world since the beginning of the 1990s and have been touring with my own company between 2010-2020.
During those years I acquired an extensive experience in teamwork and co-creation. Writing for ONline and for the stage, cutting edge projects combining performance, visual arts, music, texts and video creations.
Creative living is one of my core values together with compassion and freedom. These values reflect in my professional work with artists from various fields, on various levels and in many ways,  in the studio, on stage or ONline.
There’s absolutely nothing that delights me more than “meeting in the work”, as I love calling it!
So let’s connect!
I’ll be extremely happy to work with you in the upcoming lab!
Just step in and get some inspiration now

See what past participants say

Shay Galor - Circus artist and actor

Participated in the November 2021 ONline Creation lab

Through the Creation Lab meetings, in which I and other creators could share our process with wins and challenges on a weekly and even daily basis, as well as give and get advice and feedback. I got what I needed, Big time.

This platform gave me a huge jumping board to the real first phase of my creation

Thank you Orit Nevo, Gal Shilat, Zeev Bean and much luck to you all.

Lianne Silberman - Photogrpher

Participated in the December 2020 ONline lab

Extremely proud of myself, I called Orit to tell her I did it! I met my deadline. The feeling was great! I don’t think I would ever do this without the ONline lab and the push and inspiration it gave me and this project.

Shai Ramot - Circus and movement Artist

Participated in the November 2020 ONline lab

Thank you, thank you, thank you! It was great, precise and excellent.

During the writing class, thanks to the exercises and your words and the group of talents that was there, I got clear on several meaningful things concerning the writing of my current creation. The wish to create came back to me, just like that, in only 3 hours that passed like a flash. I highly recommend this to any creator!

Avital Nahmani - Circus Artist

Participated in the November 2020 ONline lab

I thoroughly enjoyed the ONline lab and even got to write, direct and produce a children’s show for the last Hanukkah holiday.
It was marvelous! It was like a breath of air for us and for the audience. 
I thank you for the inspiration and the accompaniment, I believe it was a fundamental influence in moving me forward.”

Nimrod Farchy - Circus Artist

one ON one coaching package with Orit

“Thank you so much! I received and learned from you, a whole world.
Mostly during coaching and the space you create around you, but also in the very encounter with you. It was so meaningful and growing for me on many different levels. I feel something very strong has remained inside, like a kind of “Orit”, as if living inside of me, who I can feel, consult and ask questions, from whom I get the power to move forward.”

Michal Oren Arazi - Circus Artist

one ON one coaching package with Orit

“Very quickly challenges turned into exciting opportunities to grow and enjoy every step… I got powers I didn't have, to proceed and overcome hurdles on the way, towards personal successes in my work. This work with you, has been a jumping board to the next level. Again and again you give me the right thing at the right time.”