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The creative journey is a life journey, the more you walk the path, the more you learn.
I’ve been on this path for 30 years, and still, now I am on it, as enthusiastic as before.

30 years make a difference, “there are things only time can do”, said my trapeze teacher years ago. Now I understand. Mostly what it does is give you experience, which you can’t get in any school or training. You can share it with others, mostly in working together.

Imagine 30 years of creation and performance experience at your service. This is what I offer to the people I work with, and:

  • An unwavering commitment to your success
  • A real partnership, you may have never experienced before
  • A close collaboration at a personal level on your creative, professional and personal goals
  • Hands on tools and tips to make your personal life work perfectly with your professional commitments

and much more – all this is custom tailored to your needs and requests.

We speak about this from the first free 30 minutes session to see if this is at all a fit!

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Schedule a meeting with Orit to see if the one ON one is for you. I promise you will get much value from it.

The artistic path is not an easy one, much more so, if you walk it alone.

If you’re just starting, it can be really hard and stressful. Even if you’ve already been through successful creations in the past, each creation is different. It’s almost impossible to see things clearly from the inside with only one perspective.

The difficulties facing an artist and the creation are innumerable. Trust me, I know. I was lucky enough to get all the help I needed from great masters and people who believed in me and what I was up to.

I would have nothing to offer you without their teachings and tremendous support.

  “Any creation is co-creation”, that’s what I think. In fact, any great art is. Imagine being able to get valuable feedback and share your work during the creative process with someone you can trust. Someone walking the path with you, opening your eyes, showing you things with perspective. Encouraging and routing you on, step by step towards the unveiling of your work to the world.

You don’t have to do this alone, it can be a fun, empowering, fulfilling process.

If working together may interest you, here’s what I  bring to the table: my experience, full commitment to you and your work, my coaching and directing skills are at your exclusive disposal, as well as proven tools I can share to assist you in doing your best work.

So schedule a 30-minute free call with me and we’ll see where this goes

What to expect from the one ON one coaching plan?

  • It’s a plan because it has a beginning, process, and end. It can be only one session or ten or more.
  • We set out on a journey together – but we set our goal/s in advance.
  • The plan is completely tailored to your needs.
  • We speak and define our goals in the introductory call.
  • What you pay for are real working sessions where we address real challenges that you have. Each session has a goal too, each session resolves issues and brings value to the table!
  • Work is done to minimize your investment and increase the value and return you get.
  • How often we meet is also a choice we make in advance, based on available resources on both sides

Are you ready!

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