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Are you a creator?

Artists need a space and time to dedicate themselves to their work. Dedication to creative work demands peace, quiet, and favorable conditions. 

It’s a constant challenge in today’s world. 

The abundance of information, the speed and constant distractions, an ever changing world around us and resistance to a work already challenging in and of itself, make it almost impossible to get to work.

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    We have what you need

    Imagine getting up in the morning to birds singing in trees, the sound of their leaves blowing in the wind, having your morning coffee in the sun before going out on a walk in nature, to the most beautiful beach. Imagine then returning to a space where you can write with no disturbances, a studio where you can create new choreographies, a jump to the beach again for an enchanting sunset, a nice warm shower and dinner with other fellow artists or friends.

    This place exists, in Ein Hayam, Israel, and it’s waiting for writers, dancers, yoga or martial arts practitioners, circus and movement artists of all kinds, to come and create here.

    A dream space

    Are you a writer?
    Are you a performance artist?
    Dancer or circus artist?


    Create, Collaborate, Inspire


    The ON Creation Space


    The ON creation space is situated in a private garden with chicken, a dog and friendly neighbors around. 

    The space includes a closed studio where Dance, Yoga, Martial arts, and other classes and workshops take place daily. 

    If you need the studio, rehearsals are scheduled in coordination with other residents and activities taking place with a weekly schedule at everyone’s disposal. Artists in residence may participate in the weekly classes, with payment directly to the teachers.

    Our values

    All the garden inhabitants, students, teachers and artists in residence, live together in harmony, with the utmost respect for each other’s work and time invested in our sacred space for creation.

    We believe in the artist’s dedication to her/his work, we do our best to support and enable it.We love supporting deep and sometimes long term inner work and creative processes.  

    We respect our neighbors’ peace and privacy.  

    Mindfulness to the human and natural ecology is key for anyone wishing to come for a residency at the ON creation space. 

    How can we help you do your best work?

    In order to best accommodate your needs for a potential residency, 

    please contact us and let us know what you are looking for, 

    we can schedule a call to connect and find out if this is a right fit for you.

    We look forward to accommodating you and your work.


    My stay at ON Creation Space was truly beyond my expectations. The space is absolutely gorgeous, a true oasis. Orit is a very friendly host and really goes the extra mile to make you feel at home. It won't be the last time I visit this beautiful space.
    Nuño Aguirre De Cárcer
    Poet and teacher
    "After 17 days in the most perfect space for retreat and creation in the universe, I was connected to my inner Mary Poppins, ready to get out of the caterpillar and into the world... Flying calmly and tenderly to new realms. A huge thank you to the most sacred, amazing, and enabling space in the country for creation."
    Shira Alfiah Burstein
    “Orit! It was amazing for me to be in your space. I really feel love in every corner you created! Good luck to ON! In all the plans and renewals. I would really love to come to more retreats with myself.” 31/07/21 See less
    Movement Therapy